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Welcome to my Experimental Website! This is the final website that I will create this year at Freestyle. It is amazing how fast this year went by! For the Experimental Unit, I was forced to try new things and go out of my comfort zone in all of my classes. In English class, we read the book "The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy. In addition, we were introduced to different types of poetry, and I even wrote my own book of poems. In Design class, we were assigned to create a piece of art that required us to explore and experiment with new mediums of art. I chose to use mirror, spray paint, and lighting in my project. In WebAudio class, I designed this last webpage, created music, and animated a poem. For my music project, my partner Jackie and I recorded a pianist and two vocalists. Then, using ProTools, we edited the music to make our own cover of "Airplanes" by B.o.B and Hayley Williams. Lastly, I made an animation for one of the poems that I wrote in English using Flash. The Experimental Unit was definitely the hardest and most time consuming unit this year at Freestyle, but I really enjoyed the freedom we were given to complete all of our projects. Feel free to look around and explore on this site. Enjoy!





Our major assignment for fourth quarter in English class was to write a book of poems that was at least 125 lines long. We had some requirements for our poetry packet, and other poems could be related to whatever we wanted. For example, we had to include one poem with conistent meter, and another with a speaker who is not you. Click on the thumbnail above to view all of the poems in my packet!

This is the animation that I made in Flash which was based on one of the poems I wrote for my poetry packet. We had the choice to use photographs this time which I did. The animation aspect is the animating of the words in the poem. The voices in the background are my friend Jackie and I reading the lines of my poem.


Click on the image below to view my poetry animation!anthumb


Airplanes Cover

Vocalists: Morgan and Taylor Donahue

Pianist: Joel Thom


For our experimental music piece, Jackie and I chose to create a cover for the song Airplanes by B.o.B and Hayley Williams from Paramore. This song recently became very popular and is one of our favorites. The lyrics of the song talk about taking action in your life and chasing your dreams, not just sitting back and waiting for things to happen. We thought that the meaning behind the song was powerful and also very relatable to our everyday lives.

We used the recording studio at Freestyle to put together our song. After creating a ProTools session, we first recorded Joel Thom, the pianist on a track. By recording the background music first, this helped the vocalists stay on beat and sing in key. Then, we had our two vocalists, Morgan and Taylor Donahue come in to sing. For the vocalists, we created another track. The twins sang with individual microphones; both of them sang the chorus and they each had seprate verses as well. Once we had all of our recording completed in our ProTools session, we edited and cut up different parts of the song from both tracks to piece together our final product.

We would like to thank our musicians, Joel, Morgan, and Taylor, so much for all of their hard work and time that they put in to help us create this cover. Everything turned out as we liked, and making this musical piece was a great experience for the musicians as well as us, the music composers.

This is an image of my design project. Since it is 3-D, I took this picture to include my project on my website.


Losing Layers of Discomfort



For as long as I can remember, I have been a very conservative and self-conscious person. I have this anxiety in which I am constantly worried about what others think of me or how they perceive me. For example, although this may sound quite ridiculous, whenever I change my profile picture on Facebook I wonder if people will judge me for choosing a certain picture. I assume that people are always making assumptions about me and this causes me to get paranoid over things that really aren't that big of a deal; I completely blow things out of proportion. I care so much about what other people see in me, and I feel as if I am always underneath a spotlight, with all of these eyes focused on me, just waiting for me to mess up.

My experimental piece is made up of three mirrors which acts as the path I must go along to lose my layers of discomfort. Ultimately, my end goal is to be who I am without any regrets and with no worries about what others think of me. One end of the mirror is very dark and the black color fades as it gets closer to the opposite side of the mirror. In addition I incorporated pink to shine through the cracks from a light source in the back of the mirrors. I am currently starting on the left side of the path where there are many cracks, scattered and messy to depict how I am disoriented. Going from the left to the right,in sync with the fading of the black, there are fewer and fewer cracks. In addition, the outer edges of the cracks begin to become less and less sharp, and on the far right end are smooth curved lines. Finally at the end, there is also the outlining of a single eye. I portray that at this point, when I have reached the end of my path, I can proudly accept myself for who I am, and not be concerned about what others see on the outside. Now, when I look at myself, I do not see lots of sharp cracks and other distractions interfering with my image; I merely see my own reflection, with nothing about me altered or destroyed. In the end, I hope to finally feel good about myself and not worry about my image.

Being that this project is for the "experimental unit", I was excited to experiment with different mediums of art. I have really opened my eyes to various art techniques, and I have learned to express my thoughts and emotions in ways that I never imaged I could. During the process of completing my experimental piece, I worked with mirrors as my main base. I played around with cutting through both the front and back of a mirror using an X-acto knife. In addition, I experimented with spray paint, and layering it to get different effects. Lastly, I incorporated lighting into my project as well, which I never have played around with before. Since we are encouraged to try new things, I ran into some problems as expected. It seemed that the closer and closer I came to completion, the more and more problems I ran into. These include miscalculating measurements for my frame, cracking one of my mirrors, and spray painting the wrong side of my frame. So, this project was truly a series of unfortunate events for me, but I was able to overcome my mistakes and keep moving forward to complete my final product.