A webgem is a website that someone is interested in and wants other people to be as well. For this page, there are a list of websites that I enjoy going on and recommend to others.

December 15, 2014
Logo of Drop Dead.
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Rockabillia is another great website for band merch. They have stuff for almost every band you can think of. They have clothing, accessories, even decor to go in your house. There are different brands you can buy from, and they have some pretty great bargains, such as $8 shirts. They have ugly sweaters for the holidays, which are a big hit when it's a Blink-182 pullover. They also have posters and wall art for your room. Aside from music, they also have pop culture novelties such as Batman, Doctor Who, and American Horror Story.

December 10, 2014
Logo of Drop Dead.
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Hot Topic is a great store. It has music, TV show, and gaming merchandise. The band merch there is awesome, and it's all pretty cheap. They have pop culture items, and they have shoes, backpacks, wallets, jewelry, almost anything you can think of. I love this store because they always have great deals on everything and the quality is pretty good. Not the best, but that's because they don't sell shirts for $40 a pop.

December 4, 2014
Logo of Drop Dead.
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Drop Dead is a clothing line based out of London, England. The creator is Oliver Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon, and his brand Drop Dead is popular all over the world. Oli uses his band Bring Me the Horizon as a promoter, and they rep Drop Dead's clothing at their shows and tours. But the band and clothing line aren't linked, as stated by Oli. He tries to keep him music life seperate from his other side projects. But anyway, Drop Dead has a bunch of great clothing items and has an awesome theme that goes along with it.

November 24, 2014
Logo of AP magazine.
Click on the image to go to Alternative Press



Alternative Press is a magazine that I love. It has so many articles about so many different bands and it lets me discover more music. The website is pretty much like a digital version of the magazine, and it lets you vote for the Alt Press Awards and things like that. You can watch music videos and read articles, and see reviews on albums that have just come out.

November 19, 2014
Logo of Warped Tour.
Click on the image to go to Vans Warped Tour



Vans Warped Tour is amazing, in my opinion. So many awesome bands play there every year, and I really want to go to a venue someday. I haven't been able to yet because I'm not allowed to, but one day I hope to go. The website has a bunch of cool merch and tour dates, along with the bands that are going to be playing over the summer on the tour.

November 10, 2014
Logo of Spotify.
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Spotify is a great website, because it allows you to listen to music for free. You can search up almost any artisy and have pretty much their entire discography at your fingertips. I love using Spotify because I listen to a ton of music, and buying it all on iTunes or something will cost a lot. And I presonally like it better than Pandora because that is just radio, and on Spotify you can actually pick the specific song you want to listen to. It also has a radio feature, which, in my opinion is better than Pandora. You can also share music with friends who also have a Spotify account, or Facebook. I would personally recommend this website for anyone who wants to listen to free legitimate music.

November 10, 2014
Logo of Quotev.
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Quotev is a great place to express yourself through writing. You can have an account and post stories, journal entries, and more. You can make quizzes and polls, and follow people you like. It's like any other social networking website, but I like it because you can get feedback on your stories and poems. You can also talk to and follow other people, and read what they have done and comment on it. The quizzes are just for fun, and it's interesting to see what people come up with.

October 29, 2014
Logo of Pinterest.
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Pinterest is a great way to express yourself through pictures. You can have different Pin Boards, maybe with themes or categories to them. You can find pretty much anything and add is to any one of your boards. People can look at your profile and see what you're interested in. You could have a food board, or something that has to do with hair colors or piercings. You can express yourself and find others like you through Pinterest.

October 29, 2014
Logo of Tumblr.
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I think that tumblr is a great site to express yourself and learn new things. You can have a blog with everything you like on it or have separate blogs with different things. You can do what you wish, follow the blogs you want to follow and even connect with others. I know personally that I have found some really great and helpful people through tumblr and I have been able to express myself where I otherwise could not. You can find a lot of great ideas to inspire you and find people who like the same things as you. It is a way to express yourself and find great people.