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Hello and welcome to my experimental website! This will be the last website I make for my Junior year at Freestyle and I am so excited. I learned so much from my Junior year at Freestyle. I learned how to use Dreamweaver to make these awesome websites. I improved my skills at Photoshop and Illustrator. I made a book using InDesign and used HTML5 to create this fancy FancyBox to show the people of the internet. I transfered from using the "beginner application" GarageBand to using the more advance applications like Reason and Protools. I made two animation using Flash and learned how to use SpryTabs to make this single paged website. The experience here was amazing and I can't wait for Senior year to add on to my knowledge.

For my experimental website I made another website but only using one single page to show all other pages. I created 125 lines of poetry in English and made a central theme between my 6 poems that I later on used as the theme of my art assignment in Design. I created a poem animation using one of my poems and I used Protools/Reason to create a cover of a song. I hope you enjoy my page!

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For English, we had to create 6 types of poetry. One of the poems had to be between 3-5 lines. Another poem had to have a charcter that's not me. Another had to be one with a metaphor or central object. The next one had to be one with a consistant meter. Another one had to be a narrative poem. Then the last one had to be one with a stanzic structure. Those poems all together had to be 125 lines. On top of that, we had to create a central theme between all those poem.

The central theme to my poem is the affect destiny has to someone or something's future.

The first poem is named Charlie. It's a very dark poem about this innocent little boy who's childhood is negetively influence by his abusive step-father. An innocent child's life is changed when this beautiful girl comes over and he hurts her due to the abusive his step-father gives to his mother.

The second poem is called Rosie. The poem's ending can be interpurated in either a positive or a negative way. It's about this girl whose parents taught her to be a "good girl" where her only purpose in life is to cater to her child and husband. In the end, she ends up conducting her own life and plans to join the army and have a "partner", a man or woman.

The third poem is called Macromolecules. This poem is a very fun and childish poem. It actually is a true story based on my childhood eating habits because when I was a little girl I was a very very very picky eater. Nowadays I can anything, anytime, anywhere. It's suppose to help parents realize that children will be "picky eaters" but they'll eventually change their eating habits.

My fourth poem is called Infidelity. This poem is about the change in someone's love towards their "true love". This poem is between 3-5 lines and I tried my best to get my message across.

My fifth poem is called Spermatozoon. This poem has a strange take on it. It's suppose to be that feeling when soon-to-be parents have high expectations for their children, but once they're born some expectations are not met so this is a change in the birth of a infant's destiny.

My sixth poem is called Marathon. I got inspired to write this poem after I read this other extended metaphor poem about a spaceship. This poem is an extended metaphor about a marathon runner and an airplane. Their start starts off so well until take-off when in an instance they blow up into flames.

For WebAudio, we had to use one of the poems we made in English and make an animation out of it. I used my poem Infidelity. I used Flash to create the graphics and I used Protools to record myself saying the poem.



"I was the anchor that kept us ground

You were the wings that kept us afloat

I was suppose to keep us well bounded

Until I cut the rope from the boat."

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This music is a cover I did to the song "Blame It On the Rain" by He Is We. I played the piano and sang the song. I used Protools to record myself playing the piano and myself singing. I wanted to use ProTool/Reason plug-in but I couldn't figure out how to record my Reason track onto my ProTools track.

For WebAudio, our assignment was to create music either using Protools or Reason. We were allowed to record anything we like using any virtual or non-virtual instruments. For my music, I decided to use Protools because I wanted to record myself singing and while I played the piano. I did a cover for the song “Blame It On The Rain” by He Is We. I decided I wanted to sing and play piano because when I was in middle school I was a very talented singer and a very amateur piano player. I stopped singing after middle school to pursue my passion of digital design in high school. Please note that my voice is not amazing as it was a couple years ago, but that’s because I’ve never warmed up my vocal chords in a while. I learned how to play the piano part by looking at a tutorial on YouTube. I’ve always wanted to play piano while I sang but my choir teacher never allowed me. I enjoy very soft, acoustic sounds and alto voices so that’s why I did the cover for this song--also because this was the only song I knew how to play well on piano.


I included the instrumental version of the song I did, so you can sing along and hear my improving piano skills. Lyrics are here.

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In Design, we were told to experiment with art. Very vague, I know, but that's the point. We were free to use any medium (art styles) to create a 2-D object that was consistant to our poetry theme. I wanted to explore the feeling of grief and disappointment we suffer when someone born to change the world dies aburptly. A lot people did crayon art, paint, pastels, but I did a collage. I used Photoshop to make my art work. I used the pen tool to cut out ever single one of the people. In the background I found newspaper articles and covers and took the headlines and made an emphasis that people were hurt from their death. For my final piece, I burnt the edges of the paper to add texture to it.

For Design, our assignment was to experiment with all types of art. We were asked to do a 2-D piece of art that incorporated a photograph and one other medium. We were also asked to use the theme from our poetry packet; mine was the change in destiny in someone or something’s life, but I wanted to alter my theme a little bit. I knew I wanted to do something with a collage because I am really good at making collages, but I was still wondering what I should explore. So when I was sitting in history class, I noticed that many great people in our history have tragically perished when someone murdered at the peak of their success. So for my Design project, I explored the feeling of grief and disappointment that we suffer when someone born to change to world dies abruptly. Their portrait photos are in black and white to show the darkness of their deaths; and I overlaid their portraits on newspaper articles and covers to reveal how their deaths affected people's lives. I burned the end of the collage to represent their lives cut short.

Editor's Note: I forgot to include Harvey Milk in my design piece. (The first openly gay American politician who was eventually assissinated.)