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Welcome to my experimental website! This is my final website I crafted during myfirst year at Freestyle Academy. This unit gave us a whole lot of freedom in exploring various realms of interest. Although this was by far the shortest unit of this year, I am grateful to have experienced this pressure of creating multiple pieces in a miniscule time frame.

After putting a lot of thought into my central idea, I decided to explore the feeling of nostalgia. The several works I have created in English, Design and WebAudio all tie back to my main theme of the unit. I think this unit was one of the most challenging yet because of the amount of freedom we recieved and the whole realm of ideas we could explore. Nevertheless, I am proud of all the writing and visual pieces I made.

In English, we were assigned to write a minimum of 125 lines of poetry, including free verse poems and a song of our own. These poems had to relate back to our main theme, thus my poems and song are relate to nostalgia in one way or another. In order to craft these poems, we were given a lot of exposure on various forms of poetry. For example, we learned about the Beat Movement and how poets such as Allen Ginsberg were against conformity and advocated spontaneous creativity. In English Honors students, we read Arundhati Roy's poetic novel, The God of Small Things, which gave us even more exposure to the world of poetry. You can read my poems and song I wrote during this unit by clicking on the Poetry button above!

In Design, we were expected to use different mediums to create an "experimental" art piece. There were unlimited opportunites within this project, which is why I enjoyed it thoroughly. For this particular piece, I used photography and Adobe Photoshop CS6. This was definitely the most difficult design piece mainly due to the small time frame given and the unlimited amount of ideas we could explore for our artwork. You can view my design piece by clicking on the design button above!

In WebAudio, we were instructed to design this website, without any restrictions. We also were assigned to create an animated poem in Flash, using our favorite poem written in English class. Lastly, we were given the opportunity to find our inner musical talent, if any, and create experimental music using Pro Tools and/or Reason. Feel free to explore my website and view the pieces of experimental art I made throughout this unit, enjoy!

In WebAudio, we were assigned to created an animated poem based on one of our written pieces from English. I animated a poem titled "No Escape" about myriad memories that one encounters throughout their life. We used Adobe Flash to animate our poem. Animating a poem gave me the ability to express my poem using colors and other visual tactics that overall gave off a more poetic feel. Click on the link below to watch my animated poem, enjoy!


In WebAudio class, we were introduced to the programs Pro Tools and Reason and were essentially told to produce "Experimental music" using these programs. When we were introduced to these challenging programs, we were taught how to insert the piano instrument and start recording ourselves playing the piano, which was one of the coolest things I've ever learned. We also learned how to use various audio FXs that match the tone of our music. Because of my lack of musical talent, my friends and I collaborated and created a cover of the song, Put Your Records On, with singing. We incorporated our editing skills and audio FXs into our song. If you decide to listen to this song, keep in mind that we are not professionals and that we were simply producing experimental music of our taste. You can listen to this piece of music by clicking below, hope you like it!



Overall, creating experimental music was extremely difficult, especially since I lack musical talent, but it was a good experience. I learned a whole lot on how to record, edit and set up tracks on Pro-Tools and Reason. I also learned how to wire the cables of various instruments in Reason. Because I now have the skills to produce a simple music song, I can help others who want to go into the music industry and if one day I decide to take on the musical path, I will start off on a good foot.


In English class, we we explored the experimental realm through poetry. We learned about the Beat Movement and several poets and writers involved in this movement. We gained exposure to all types of poetry, including free-verse and song writing. For this unit, we had to write 125 lines of poetry relating to our theme. I wrote 5 poems, including my very first song! You can click on the images below to view each one of my poems that I've written, enjoy!















by Sanjana Pandit

In design, we were assigned to create a piece of "Experimental art", which is characterized as art incorporating various mediums, and presenting a unique, different idea. We were given a lot of freedom with this piece, meaning we could use any mediums, from glass to paint to Photoshop and Illustrator. The only basic requirement was for our piece to fit our main theme for this unit.

For my experimental design, I explored the feeling of nostalgia. Throughout my artwork, there is a pattern of images in a girl’s mind. This represents how she is remembering these moments and wanting to re-live them. I purposely lowered the opacity of these photos to make it look like these memories were fading away, but she wants to hold onto them forever. My intention of making the girl figure in black and white was to convey how her memories are more important that her present life, implying how one should never forget their past.


I first began this project by taking a photo of a girl and uploading the picture into Adobe Photoshop CS6 to cut her figure out with the pen tool. Then, I found several photos that I thought were a valid representation of universal memories. It was very difficult to make these images in the girl’s mind to appear pleasing because of the color scheme and content in each photo. I had to cut out each image to fit the shape of her mind also using the pen tool. I played around with different images to discover which ones worked better with one another. For the background, I decided to make it white because I felt like simpler was better for my theme and I wanted the main focus to be the memories the girl was remembering. Overall, this experimental design gave us a lot of freedom to explore different aspects of media.


Click on the thumbnail on the left to view the bigger version of my artwork!