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Welcome to my last website of the 2010-2011 Freestyle year! This website showcases my work from the Experimental Unit, where we were given the task to go deeper, explore a concept, and to ultimately ask ourselves: what is art? We were given a considerable amount of freedom during this unit. In this website, you'll find my design project where I explored what it means "to be an American", my experimental poetry written in English, as well as music played by myself.


If you're wondering about the odd nature of this website, there's a story behind that as well. My concept I explored during this unit was overbearingly the idea that things don't always match up. In the design of this website, I wanted to couple a lighter background with a grungy header, and I'm satisfied with the result. Enjoy the website!

~Love, Sophie.

In my design project, I explored what it meant to be American. As a 1st generation Vietnamese American, I've asked myself this question constantly and decided to center my project around it. Click on the images below to see the finished project itself as well as the artist statementt. This was my first 3d project here at Freestyle, and I'm satisfied with how it turned out- but I've learned construction is not my strong point. Click below on the photos to see the finished project as well as close ups on the photos and quote collage themselves, and lastly, the artist statement.


In English, we spent the unit writing poetry as well as reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy (which is an EXCELLENT book). Below you can find my poetry, as well as my animated poem "Falling". Click on the words to see the complete poems, as well as the thumbnail for the animation. Over the unit, I learned that writing poetry is a lot harder than it sounds. Enjoy!














During this unit, we were also introduced to music editing programs Pro Tools and Reason. As a musician, it was a lot of fun for me to fool around with these programs. My experimental music was created in ProTools and consists of three overlapped pianos with different effects. It comes of a bit as ambience music, so sit back and enjoy!