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Hello! Welcome to my experimental website. This is where I will show all my projects I made during the experimental unit of my first year at Freestyle Academy. In English, we wrote 125 lines of poetry. Then in Design, we made a multi media art project inspired by our poetry and other artists' works. We used all of these projects to create this website in webAudio. We also transformed one of our poems from English into an animation and composed experimental music in webAudio.

During this unit I wanted to explore the feeling of insignificance through the concept of size. I wrote a lot of poems about being as small as an ant and feeling insignificant, you can see all of these poems by clicking the poetry button above. Then I made my multi media art project in Design by taking pictures in different angles that make the viewer seem miniscule. You can check this project out by clicking the art button. Afterwards, I created a Flash animation using one of my poems and brought my words to life. Using Reason, my friend Michelle and I created some experimental music. This was a very frustrating process because we did not know what to do. All of these project I created in the experimental unit are posted on this website and you can see them by clicking the buttons above.

This experimental unit was the last unit of my first year at freestyle. Freestyle has taught me many ways to think differently and communicate my opinion in different ways. I learned how to make a website, how to use different applications of design, and how to have fun in English. Throughout this whole year, I have met many different people at freestyle and made many new friends. All of my freestyle friends have helped me get through this busy year and helped me create my best projects. This year has been full of new exciting adventures that had been waiting for me to experience them. Freestyle has given me a gift of art and has helped me realize my passion for design.

Please don't forget to click on the buttons above and see my projects! <|:D

This is my animated poem. I wrote this poem in English, exploring the feeling of insignificance through size, and looking at the environment around you. This animation was made using Adobe Flash. We used Flash before in our narrative unit, and it was very overwhelming. Now that I have used it before, I am a little better at animating and I knew how to do many more things. For all the voice recordings, we used ProTools, which was also a very frustrating process, but I got through it.

I decided to do a stop motion animation instead. I thought it would be easier and look better. For this poem I was thought about being small and insignificant. So, I thought of what it would be like to be an ant and notice the world around you. I hope you watch my animation and like it! :)

In webAudio we also made experimental music. My friend, Michelle and I composed our music using Reason. We tried to put some instruments together, but we failed, so we decided to make a nice rhythm. Reason is a very overwhelming application that was very confusing, but Michelle and I got through it and created amazing music. I am actually proud of our product because of all the effort that we used to make our music and all the decisions that we made.

There was not certain inspiration for our music, we just wanted to experiment in Reason and see what happens. Don't forget to listen to our music! :)

In English we wrote 6 poems in different ways, consisting of a common theme. We were supposed to us images and metaphors instead of literal sayings. Our poems had to be unique and not have any cliched phrases or metaphors. We wrote our first drafts during spring break and then started revising them a week later. We made sure to revise our poems a lot so we would show the world our best work.

In my poems I wanted to explore the feeling of insignificance through the concept of size. So, I wrote many poems where you felt insignificant because of how short you are or how young you are. Seven of my poems are shown below, I hope you have fun reading them! :)

Wide Eyes Marking Time

Going to the Amusement Park

Looking Too Shy

Fly Birdie Hanging from a Tree

In Design, we created an Experimental Art Piece. Our assignment was to show our poems in any form we wanted but we had to use many modes of media and explore at least one element of design.

I decided to explore the element of lines and how they are all around us but we do not notice them often. I decided to take pictures of different lines around us in nature, because nature is all around us, but we have stopped acknowledging its existence and its importance in our lives. After taking a bunch of these pictures I wanted to combine all of them in one big collage.

I also decided to make a second Experimental Art Piece. I have recently taken the interest in melting crayons on a canvas. I wanted to bring that into my design project and create a melted crayon painting that portrays my poems.

To check out my Experimental Art Pieces, you can click on the thumbnails. Enjoy! :D