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Mandala: A Senior Mandala by Elayna Parkhurst (2019)

The process of creating mandalas ended up being a very informative one. Since the mandalas were made in Adobe Illustrator, I got more practice with this application and learned more ways to use some of its many features. One of these was the transform and distort effect. This effect is how I got the mandala to repeat the same pattern all the way around and I used it for the first time when completing this project. Another tool I got much more familiar with was the paintbrush tool. I got a lot more practice importing new paintbrushes and switching around using them while creating different mandalas. Once all of the settings of the mandala were in place, the process turned out to be calming and fun. Mandalas are supposed to be a good way to de-stress and this did become the reality of the project once everything was set up right. This was a nice project to learn more of the intricacies of the Adobe Illustrator application and to create something where we had a lot of creative freedom to really make these mandalas our own. Related website
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