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Laser Mandala: A Senior Mandala by Eric Wagenbrenner (2019)

By creating these mandalas, I didn’t realize the freedom I had in how I could make them. The fact that I had so many ways to create them was a thought that was soothing to me. Specifically, in Illustrator, the various brush strokes I had access to showed that there was no limit in creating my art. The possibilities were endless. In addition, I valued the guidance we had in creating the mandalas from Mr. Flo’s tutorial videos. In fact, without those videos, I don’t think I would’ve gotten very far with creating the mandalas on my own. Lastly, these mandalas were proof of how far my work in Freestyle has come throughout my career here. These mandalas elegantly showed me that change is possible through progress and hard work as well as expression. Before starting Freestyle, I had trouble with details in the work I had submitted in my regular classes, however, my work at Freestyle, these mandalas in particular, have shaped my mind to be as detail oriented as possible and care about the work I turn in. Related website
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