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Color and Laser Cut Mandalas: A Senior Mandala by Fiona Householder (2019)

I greatly valued the mandala project, because I have always loved geometric shapes, but I have a huge problem telling when things are even, so when I try to draw things like mandalas, they always end up looking off. So, I greatly valued learning how to create beautiful symmetrical geometric shapes in Illustrator, without having to rely on my poor sense of symmetry and alignment. I also loved the opportunity to explore and learn about Adobe Illustrator brushes. Trying out new ones, and experimenting with pressure sensitive brushes was very interesting, and definitely gave me some knowledge I will use in future projects. Designing mandalas was also a great exercise in repetition, and harmony. I began to repeat designs, because it made the image more cohesive and harmonized, which helped me learn to use repetition in a way that isn’t just boring or homogenized. As well, it was a project that required patience and attention to detail, so it was a very rewarding experience to see the experimentation, and detail work pay off. My mom loves mandalas, so when I heard we were going to 3D print our mandalas, I was very excited, because I knew it would be a great little gift for her. Related website
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