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Mandala: A Senior Mandala by Layla Dessouki (2019)

Before I started my mandala and I was looking at examples, I was thinking, there is no way I can make something complex or beautiful like this. I’m not this kind of artist, and I can’t draw for my life. But when I started working on it, I got really into it. I’d always associated mandalas with meditation, but never really knew how you could meditate with it.when I was in that creative mindset that I get when I am working on something, I didn’t think about the logical steps it was taking me to get there. I just kept going and working. Once I finished it, I saw it differently. It made me think about some of my previous work, and how much I’ve grown as an artist in the past year. I would never have been able to create something this complex or something I could be as proud of in the beginning of last year. Working on this made me feel calm and relaxed, bringing me to the realization of why it is associated with meditation; looking at it made me realize my growth. Related website
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