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Blooming Mandala: A Senior Mandala by Loren Chun (2019)

Creating the mandalas taught me a lot about patience and how I must learn to let go of my structured mind and leave things to chance. As I drew it, I became immersed in the process. It helped me to relax on a stressful day and forget about all of my problems and other responsibilities as I focused on drawing and experimenting with the paths. The creation process taught me patience when my strokes would take a minute to load or when the one shape I wanted to create just would not form. Generally, when I am hand drawing mandalas and doodling on my homework, I plan every stroke and pattern out beforehand in order for it to look more concrete. However, when creating the mandalas in illustrator, I realized that sometimes the strokes did not always form the shape I was planning. Rather than getting upset or frustrated at that, I found that there are patterns I have yet to explore and began to value these happy accidents that occurred. The mandala taught me how to see different strokes and patterns in new ways and showed me that different elements can come together to create something beautiful and rhythmic. Overall, I really valued the lessons in which the mandala taught me and the new patterns that I was able to explore and discover with this process. Related website
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