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Indigenous: A Senior Mandala by Mahika Gupta (2019)

I started off wanting to create a Mandala that reflected the Hindu culture I grew up in. However, I couldn't seem to find the right shapes and strokes to use without ripping off pieces of art that have already been done. What I really liked about the way we made the mandalas was that every stroke was it's own piece of art. And so I started off there with just simple strokes outlining different shapes from the center out and started to fill it in with little details. I wanted to keep it simple and wanted to retain the ethnic quality I had started off with and I believe that's reflected in the types of strokes and details added. What I really valued about this project is that the types of brushes and amount of detail people use in their mandalas is very telling of the kind of person they are. Everyone's unique personality is reflected in this piece of art, and that makes it all the more beautiful. Related website
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