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Seva's Mandala: A Senior Mandala by Sevasti Daneilas (2019)

I often times deal with anxiety and stress, so creating this mandala provided a unique opportunity for me to sit and focus on creating something beautiful. I felt like during the process, I was able to forget about anything that caused me uneasiness and exert my thinking into the strokes in which I was drawing. It also provided a space to draw something out of the ordinary. I have never drawn anything similar to this, so the whole process was very fascinating to me. I found that drawing the mandala was very relaxing and peaceful. I could just tune on some music and concentrate on the shapes and patterns on the screen. I had a variety of lines and shapes, different sizes and lengths, that all brought the piece together. One thing that I found satisfying was that everything was symmetrical all around the circle, so the look was very clean and uniform. I was very pleased with the outcome of my mandala because I spent a long time making it as intricate and detailed as possible. Related website
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