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Mandala: A Senior Mandala by Ben Peterson (2019)

Working on this mandala was a perfect blend of the technical aspect of using applications like Adobe Illustrator and the fine, artistic abilities needed to make such an intricate piece. Through this project I learned how to create clipping masks and use reflections in Illustrator, along with getting more experience using different, more specialized brushes. This was not my first time producing art within Illustrator, but this has been the most abstract piece in that we were only given instructions on how to set up our art boards and told to "create a mandala." This open ended style allowed me to thrive and produce something that fit my creative style while still expanding my skills.

Not only that, but the overall process was also very calming and allowed me to take a break and just allow myself to be created amidst the chaos of working on my other Freestyle projects. Overall, I am proud of the mandala I created and the skills I learned to do it, and I look forward to doing other similar projects. Related website
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