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Vespertine: A Senior Design Students: Minimalist Movie Package by Amruta Bhavsar (2019)

My movie is a horror movie called Vespertine, and the main character has a dog that goes missing one day. She spends weeks looking for him, but can’t find him. Eventually, he makes it back on his own, but seems different. Weird things start happening around the house and the dog acts different and strange. Eventually, the main character figures out that her dog is dead and his body is just being possessed by a demon, and so she makes several attempts to get rid of him before finally figuring out how to do so.

Because the movie centers around the dog, the poster, package, and ticket all do as well. Since the assignment was to keep the design minimalist, I chose to make the graphic on the poster just the eyes and nose of the dog, and it was also creepier that way. To make it extra scary, I made the eyes of the dog red and the pupils really small. I created the font of the title using Adobe Illustrator on an iPad. The letters are supposed to look like they’re made up of little tufts of dog fur while also being tall and skinny to fit the horror aesthetic of the rest of the poster. The design of the packaging is very minimalist as well. Each side of the pages have a red claw mark over a textured background, and as you open it, each mark is revealed. The ticket design is of a red and black paw with claws to stay consistent with the demonic dog theme. All of the graphics were drawn with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator, and to create the textured background, I took a picture of dust texture and lowered the opacity to about 4%. None of the illustrations are very complex to keep the design clean, simple, and minimalistic. Related website
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