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Shameless: A Senior Design Students: Minimalist Movie Package by Jacqueline Owen (2019)

For this design project we had to create a movie poster and ticket based off a story we created. My story is about a young woman who lives an impoverished life in a bad neighborhood. From a young age she had to learn to take care of herself and her siblings. However she lives another secret life, she spends many nights with wealthy men on lavish dates. These men stay unaware of her origin and the rough life she lives, this double life she lives is her way to escape the struggle.

To produce the movie posted for this story I started by sketching fonts and objects on an iPad Pro. Then I transferred those sketches to illustrator where I revised and improved them. At the beginning I struggled a lot with coming up with a poster that represented my story and also followed the simplistic poster style. For the poster, I started by creating a lot and slowly cutting it down to main objects until it turned into something I liked. For the ticket and envelope I tried to reuse the poster and then wrapped it in a relatively simple envelope that had the outline of a finger over a woman’s lips. This was to represent, the main character’s “lips being sealed”. This just added dramatic affect to her having a secret. Related website
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