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I Solemnly Swear: A Senior Design Students: Minimalist Movie Package by Kaitlyn Ecklund (2019)

My story, I Solemnly Swear, is about a newly minted lawyer working her first case on her own. She’s worked hard for the past couple of years to distinguish herself as one of New York’s top lawyers and now she has the opportunity she needs to prove herself to everyone who has ever doubted her. However, the case’s simple but high end nature has more to it than meets the eye. Taking on the case, she didn’t realize that she’d have to reconnect with her past and face her locked away demons.

To create the three pieces, I used Adobe Illustrator. On the poster, using the pen and brush tool, I drew the outline of a woman, the main character who is a lawyer, taking an oath while secretly crossing her fingers behind her back. I chose to make her hands red to highlight the contradicting hand actions and to build on the idea of “caught red-handed.” I also created my own font to go with the theme of my film. For the packaging, I reused the font I had created and drew fingerprints on it to add another layer of mystery to the plot of the movie. On the packaging the fingerprints are white, however for my ticket, they are red to tie it back to the main character on the poster. The packaging encloses the ticket and it opens up piece by piece, just like evidence slowly reveals the truth in a court case. For all three of my pieces, I chose to keep it very simple as the objective was to create minimalist products, which I did through keeping simple lines and limiting my color palette to a few colors. Related website
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