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Minimalist Movie Poster: A Senior Design Students: Minimalist Movie Package by Kyra Palmbush (2019)

Year is 1930 and 19 year old Darina buys a ticket for the trans siberian railway, where she will spend 19 days with complete strangers. Little does she know but the love of her life is one of the people who she will be riding with. The twist is, she is riding the trans siberian railway in order to reunite with her childhood sweetheart in Vladivostok. The movie will involve her meeting the stranger on the train and falling in love and then ultimately deciding if she will set out on the path set before her, or go with a man she just met.

My main focus for my poster and packaging was the train. The aerial view of the tracks, showing the choice she has to make, demonstrates the tension in the movie. I wanted to emphasize the two different choices through the different colors of the tracks and the gradient. I designed the font in order to match the time period and decided to carry that font throughout the design. All of these designs are very minimalist, only using necessary elements. Related website
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