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Artist in Danger: A Senior Design Students: Minimalist Movie Package by Samantha Levy (2019)

The star of the movie, the Art Gallery Owner, has recently been selling many pieces to the same Buyer which is rare. The Buyer enters the show one day and quickly befriends the Owner. The Owner has a friend that knows that the Buyer's family is involved in crime and refuses to let the Owner and his new friend interact. The Owner is determined to maintain his friendship, confident he can take care of himself, but finds himself becoming more and more disturbed the more he finds out about his friend’s family.

I created the poster, envelope, and ticket in Photoshop while utilizing minimalistic design. All elements only utilize red, black, and white to maintain simplicity. The painting and the figure utilize simple shapes and lack detail to preserve the minimalism of the design. The Poster features a painting dripping with a substance that could be paint or blood. There is also a mysterious figure that is the main focus of the poster. This figure represents the mysterious Buyer that intrigues the Owner of the gallery. The envelope has two layers since there is more to the Buyer than meets the eye. The first layer is just red and black and the second layer is the mysterious figure. The ticket is the same dripping painting as on the poster with added ticket information. I made my own custom font for the poster which is a modified block font with art deco elements to pay homage to film noir. The font on the ticket is American Typewriter to also reference film noir and detective stories that start with narration and a typewriter title card. Related website
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