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Dead Ringer: A Senior Design Students: Minimalist Movie Package by Simone Clements Leedeman (2019)

In my film, I am an identical twin who is arrested for a murder I did not commit. When I come to the realization that I am being framed by my twin, I struggle to fight against her in the case because the only evidence that was found leads to me. The investigation continues, which creates conflict between my sister and I until she finally has the opportunity to talk to me alone in an interrogation room, and admits that she didn’t actually do it. Eventually, it is revealed that the murderer was our long lost fraternal triplet who also happened to be the detective that was assigned to the case.

To create the poster, package, and ticket I used Adobe Illustrator. First, I focused on the main scene I wanted to highlight from my story, and drafted ideas of how to portray the scene in a minimalist, simple style. Once I finally chose an idea I liked and a color scheme that coordinated with the mood of my scene, I used the pen tool to create shapes to fill with color. For my poster, I also created my own font. When going about this, I first drafted it using the brush tool and focused on a typewriter style resembling that of a case file, before going back over it using the pen tool. After formatting the title and adding the billing block, I began working on my package and ticket. In order for it to coordinate with the poster and ticket, I decided to make a package that resembled an evidence file using Adobe Illustrator. After creating the file, I also designed a ticket that could fit in the package, and followed the theme by resembling a homicide crime report. Related website
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