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Think: A Senior Design Students: Minimalist Movie Package by Tara Popovic´ (2019)

My movie is the story of an average kid who in their sleep has vivid dreams with elements from their daily life and in their waking hours uses them to write complex fantastical stories. One day, the kid’s dreams begin to come alive in their real waking world. At first not much seems to be wrong because a majority of the kid’s dreams have elements from their daily life or are entirely slightly different re-enactments of things that happened to them. As the story goes on, the dreams coming to life become more wild and the kid has to figure out a way to separate fact from fiction, day from dreams.

My movie features a brain graphic and a custom font. The brain I made by tracing over a brain image and adding color. To design the font I did a few steps: first I brainstormed on paper and sketched in Adobe Draw on an iPad. After coming up with a sketch I liked, I sent the sketch from Adobe Draw on the iPad to my computer, where I used Adobe Illustrator on my Wacom Cintiq to manipulate the details of the font before I imported the font to my main poster document. To make my ticket and ticket holder, I traced images much like the brain graphic I made for my poster. The ticket is in fact the exact same graphic as he one I made for the center of my poster. To complete them, I simply added color and the appropriate text.

The poster, ticket, and ticket holder were all made in a minimalist style. This means that there are minimal graphics, colors, and fonts in our designs. The importance of using an exclusively minimalist style is to help us learn how to create emphasis and balance without adding lots of elements. In order to have the audience understand what our topic is, we had to really focus on what to depict in our poster and how in order to get the audience to understand what the creator’s intended focus is. Related website
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