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Serpenthyme: A Senior Design Students: Minimalist Movie Package by Fiona Householder (2019)

The plot of the imaginary movie that I based my poster on, was that the protagonist, a witch who went into cooking instead of witchcraft, accidentally adds magical herbs to a dish instead of regular herbs. She proceeds to serve her dish to the king, but the magical herbs turn him into a snake. The poster features a fork on the ground, with magic sparkles emitting from it. I put the fork on the ground, as if the king had just turned into a snake, and dropped his fork as his hands disappeared. The sparkles are meant to show that the fork was used to eat something magical. I chose to make it a two pronged fork, so it would look a little bit like a snake’s tongue.

The packaging has four flaps, which are meant to demonstrate each stage of the story. It starts with the herbs, because that’s what kickstarts the plot. Then, there is a fork, which shows that the king has just taken a bite. Then, magic sparkles, to represent the transformation. And lastly, a snake, to show the end result. I chose to make the ticket pot shaped, not only because it’s a cooking instrument, but also because a pot kind of reminds me of a snake charmer’s basket. Related website
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