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March With Me: A Senior Design Students: Minimalist Movie Package by Francesca Seni (2019)

For this project we had to come up with the major plot points of a movie, and then make a minimalist style poster inspired by it. In my story, a young girl becomes fed up with the fact that no girls are ever chosen as team captains during P.E. She tells her mom about how she feels and is taught about gender inequalities. In response, the girl goes to school and tells all her friends a plan she has to talk to the P.E. teacher. She is baffled when one friend, her best friend, says she doesn’t want to confront the teacher because she thinks boys are better at sports than girls. After talking more they can’t seem to see eye to eye, so the girl takes her best friend to the Women’s March. Through talking to the different women she meets at the march, the best friend is able to understand the girl’s point of view.

I created my minimalist poster in Adobe Illustrator. I chose a flashy pink for the background, the color that is commonly labeled as feminine or shown on the female gender symbol. Next, I created a little girl. Since the poster was minimalist, I avoided adding any extra detail to her face and instead gave her bangs that would seem to pass over where her eyes would be. Her T-shirt was kept blank to avoid making the poster too busy, and her sign displayed additional information about the movie. I used the sign as the basis for my ticket holder and made the ticket a more complex version of her T-shirt.

The font was the most difficult to make. It is my own, based on the simple letters one would expect to see on posters at a march. I kept everything capitalized in order to make working with ascenders and descenders much easier. Additionally, I made the font using a serif style. The font is used on the movie poster and on the ticket. Related website
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