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the High life: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Abbey Yacoe (2012)

For our Narrative unit in design, we were asked to make a diptych. A diptych is two photos that go together to create meaning. Our two photo's were supposed to tell a story about something. My story is about a rich, upper class Los Altos Hills mommy, who is bored with her life, and decides to have plastic surgery. After the surgery she is even more unhappy with herself, and starts to rely on the pain medication that she was given after her surgery. She becomes so addicted that she is forced to steal from her children's piggy bank in order to feed her addiction. My first image shows a woman looking at herself in the mirror with a look of disgust with the lines for her surgery already drawn on her face. The second photo shows her metaphoric, and literal downfall, when she is forced to sacrifice her morals in order to keep up her habit. Thanks so much to Nannette Wobber, and Martha Daly for the help!
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