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Leaving What Life Has to Offer: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Eric Heintzen (2012)

This was assigned by my Design class to represent a cause and effect. I randomly came up with my topic and then I was instructed to take two pictures metaphorically representing our specific cause and effect. The cause and effect I was going for was when you don't focus on your education, your education doesn't reward you with anything in return. The way I represented the loss of focus on education was to show a burning book. I chose this because in my opinion it shows the carelessness and disrespect towards education, and the way I showed education was through a book. When I think of education, I think of reading and writing. So for that reason I used a novel. For my effect image I chose to show a high school diploma laying in a bed of ashes. Because of the carelessness about education it resulted in a average or less than average transcript resulting in a dismal high school education.
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