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Cracked: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Eric Liu (2012)

In the case of bullying, there is always a bully and a victim. The bully merely wants the pleasure of defeating someone who the bully wants to prove his superiority over. The poor victim may be outrageously innocent. For example, the victim may be a yes-man, and is thus unable to say no or refuse anything. Then, as you can probably guess, anyone can take advantage of the person. In the first picture of my photo-narrative, the fallen lamp represents the tortured mind and soul of the bully's victim. The chain and lock demonstrates the prison the victim is in; and the contrast between dark and light shows the victim's desire to ameliorate his situation, but is, frustrating as it is, caught in the middle of two opposing forces. The second picture shows the effect of such bullying on the victim. The cracked eggshell and its insides show how such adverse bullying will damage the victim's life; the egg yolk, again a representation of the victim's soul, spills onto his life, as shown by the piano sheet music, or the victim's passion.
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