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Depression : A Junior Narrative Diptych by Jacqueline Portelli (2012)

In my diptych I portrayed a story about a women who is on anti-depressants and has grown an addiction to them. The women wakes up one morning to find that she is out of anti-depressants and her doctor has canceled her prescription due to her unhealthy addiction. The women becomes unstable and unable to go on with her life without the pills. In my diptych I show the woman's depression by capturing a picture of an empty refrigerator and rope being cut with a razor. The empty refridgerator represents how people depend on food for life and without it will die. As food is to a normal person, the anti depressant is to the women. My second picture is of rope being cut with a razor. I chose to photograph this because when people become depressed they result to self harm to try to ease the pain. The rope being cut shows how the women is depressed and wishes to ease her pain.
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