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Greed and it's Consequences: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Jessica Lee (2012)

Children swarm everywhere. The birthday party is in full swing. Little boys around the age of nine scream and shout with delight as a donkey pinata swings down from a tall tree. The kids each batter the donkey till its head flies off and candy rains out like blood. The hungry kids run towards the candy and try to gather as much as possible. The birthday boy is the most savage and manages to push and shove others to get a third of all the candy. This leaves many little boys and girls without any candy at all. Those kids wander towards the big pile of candy that the birthday boy had gathered. As one of them reaches out for the candy, the birthday boy starts to madly attack the little boy Eventually the fight was broken up by parents, but by then the little boy was unconscious. The first photo represents the internal conflict of greed. Greed is depicted through this picture of a bunch of stuffed animals on a dog's bed. Dogs tend to be very possessive of their toys and will often guard them. The second photo represents the external conflict of harming others. The second photo depicts a person holding a toothpick and is about to pop a pig balloon. Harming others crosses a moral line.
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