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Scarred For Life: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Jessica Vergara (2012)

In design, our assignment was to create a story with an internal and external conflict where the character of our story reaches the point of no return. I created a story where a father tells his little boy scary stories. The little boy then becomes traumatized as a little boy and has to sleep with the lights on and closet doors open because he is petrified of the dark. As he becomes an adult he has to see a therapist to help him get through his fears, but his fears have overwhelmed him that he'll always be afraid of those childhood stories coming to kill him. For my first image, I chose to take a picture of a porcelain doll because to some people these dolls look like regular dolls, but for others they look creepy and murderous. The porcelain doll was suppose to represent a fear, his fears. For my second image, I took a picture of grown man's feet. They're all tangled and scrunched up like he's scared at night when he's sleeping. This was suppose to represent an adult's fear.
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