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Out of Stupor: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Jonathan Hollin (2012)

The story behind my diptych follows a man who sits motionless in a quiet park, holding an ice cream cone. He is lost deep in thought, recalling an experience he once had as a child, in which a seagull assaulted him for the ice cream in his hand, swooping down and snatching it away. He is calling to mind the traumatic event and playing it over and over in his mind, when suddenly a seagull squawks loudly overhead, startling him out of his stupor and causing him to drop his ice cream. In the first image, I represented the man lost deep in thought with a woman, mesmerized by an optical illusion on her computer. Although the image (and memory) is unchanging, staring at it (and being lost in thought) seems to never get old. In the second image, I represented the sobering squawk of the seagull with an image of a phone receiving a call from work, supposedly drawing the mesmerized woman out of her illusion-induced stupor.
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