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Broken Strings: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Julia Day (2012)

The story depicted in my diptych tells of a budding musician whose trying to make it big by creating a hit song. He tries over and over to make it right, but he is so over-critical of himself that nothing works. In the end, he decides to abandon music and follow some other less creative pursuit. The moral of this story is that you should follow your passion, even if it takes much more effort than you had imagined, or you'll regret it. My story is portrayed by torn up sheet music and an abandoned guitar. The sheet music pages are torn like puzzle pieces that can't fit together, much like the song that the budding musician couldn't create. The abandoned guitar in the spotlight represents abandoning a true talent. The shining abalone around the sound hole represents how music was his talent, but he left it for somebody else to take the place that could have made him famous.
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