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Out Of Cereal: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Karly Osborne (2012)

The story behind the two picture in this diptych revolves around the phrases ''out of cereal,'' and ''diminished sense of self.'' One morning, a girl woke up and went to the pantry to have some cereal for breakfast. There wasn't much left, so she finished what was left. It was a hearty meal, one that gave her plenty of energy to go through the day. The next morning, her family woke up and searched the pantry for some cereal. There wasn't any left and she knew why. She had eaten all of the cereal. It was all her fault that her family would have to go hungry this morning. She hated herself. She felt completely guilty and sorry for her actions, and couldn't believe that she could do such a thing. She has diminished her sense of self because everything was her fault. Her mother, father, and sister would go hungry. They would not have enough energy to start the day successfully. They would come home exhausted, and it was all her fault. The two images in represent the story using metaphors for emptiness, like being out of cereal, and diminished sense of self. The gas tank odometer represents being out of cereal, but also being out of energy, not having the power to move the car or start the day. The second image is a picture of a candle surrounded by its own wax. The purpose of a candle is to burn itself, slowly diminishing itself. This embodies diminished sense of self. A person's actions slowly tear away her character, as does a burning candle.
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