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Narrative Diptych: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Kendall Simon (2012)

For my narrative diptych I am telling a story about a girl who has an addiction due to self doubt that leads her to be ignored and disowned. Her addiction to drugs leads her family and friends to ignore her. For the first side of my diptych I show a shoe that has gum stuck to it and trying to pull away. I chose the gum to represent the addiction and the shoe as the girl. She is trying to pull away from the gum but it is stuck. This also shows the mess she has gotten herself into. For the second side of my diptych I show a table set with apples as people and one banana blindfolded. The apples represent her family at their dinner table and the banana blindfolded is the girl with the addiction who is being ignored. The blindfold shows how she is disowned and alone because of her addiction.
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