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The Neglected: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Melanie Hugoo (2012)

For our diptych we were asked to tell a story using two photographs only. Originally, I decided to make it about girl who neglects her little sister because she is too selfish and wants to go out with friends rather then stay at home to take care of her. Her mother tells her she has no choice but to stay at home to watch her sister. However, she goes out anyways, but when she returns home, her sister has gone missing. To show this metaphorically, I decided to make my first image a dog looking neglected and lonely. To show that the dog is being neglected, I have him in the corner, looking down, trembling. For my second image, I made it of a box of a dozen eggs, with one egg obviously missing. The egg that was taken out of the box was to symbolize something going missing, with the light focusing on where it should have been.
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