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Head Strong: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Anthony Lazzara (2012)

I have created a short story that I have made in to a narrative diptych. The story has both a internal and external photos represented on the left and right. In my story a man is in the army reserve and is going on his normal everyday work out rutteen. The next day he is sent out to the middle east where he fights in the war not expecting to be sent out to war. My internal photo represents the War and how much of an effect it has on ones life. After he is deployed into battle he is stranded in a desert with thousands of miles of sand all around him in every direction. Gun fire, tank noises and trucks from the background make his mind go Insane. Insanity is my external conflict representing how the war has made him go insane and this is his ending image that he see's in his life. The Moving treadmill represents him before going to war and training and doing the same old thing everyday. The Army Private medal represents his last image in life with miles of sand all around him.
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