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Never Assume.: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Michelle Chan (2012)

For our narrative diptych we were instructed to relate an internal and external trait and put it into a story. My internal trait was paranoia, and my external trait was getting fired. Then we created the story: A worker gets called into the office. He is super paranoid because he has heard people are getting fired. He goes into the office and before his boss has time to say one word, he says that he shouldn't be fired and rants to him about how at times he works harder then his boss. His boss is taken back and says that he was actually promoting him. The worker feels really awkward and bad and apologizes. But the damage is done, and he gets fired. Next, we were asked to metaphorically represent these traits through two pictures. The photo on the left is of a table falling over from the weight of office supplies. It is tipping over because it is feeling the weight of the office supplies. The supplies represent the paranoia the man has that he is going to get fired before his meeting with his boss. And the table represents the man losing it. The picture on the right is of a broken piggy bank with very little money in it. This represents that because the man is now fired, he will no longer have any money. The hay in the background shows how the ''pig'' (the man) used to have a safe home, but soon the hay will dry up (paying rent) and he will have no where to live. This picture was fun to shoot because I got to buy, and then immediately break the piggy bank!
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