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The Death of Perfection: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Paige Topole (2012)

For our diptych we had to pick two words and make a story around those two words. My stories words were hunger and running out of pills. So my story begins with a model that thinks she is too fat so she starves herself every night with diet pills. One day she is offered the greatest shoot of her career, though the night before she runs out of pills. This causes her to go into a panic, and she ends up missing the shoot and destroying her career. To show my story through two pictures I show a balloon and a broken Barbie doll. The deflated balloon shows how she was starving herself and how nothing was on her plate besides her hunger. The second image is of a broken barbie doll. This represents how even though she was perfect, she over analized herself until it led to the destruction of her career and herself.
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