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Narrative Diptych : A Junior Narrative Diptych by Patrick McClellan (2012)

In my narrative diptych, I chose to tell the story of two conflicts: lack of self confidence, and humiliation. I envisioned the internal conflict, lack of self-confidence, as a boy sitting with a group of friends at a spirit rally. All of the friends surrounding him are enthusiastic to participate in the rally, all raising their hands as the leader calls on people around the crowd. Transitioning to the external conflict - humiliation - the boy's friends convince him to raise his hand, and he turns out to be the only one in the group called on. As he's walking down the bleachers, he trips and falls at the last step, in front of the entire school. On the left, I showed lack of confidence through a boy standing about 10 feet from a basketball hoop, looking up at it with a longing, uncertain and anxious look on his face. Instead of shooting with confidence, he holds the ball pathetically at his side. The right side shows a king on a chessboard completely surrounded, and in checkmate. This shows humiliation not only through the actual checkmate, but through the notion that all the pieces surrounding him are pawns, typically useless after a few moves in a game of chess.
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