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Isolated: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Arthur Owen (2012)

As with all of the narrative unit, the photonarrative dyptich was about telling a story. The challenge of this assignment was doing it with only two images. We were told to come up with a story, choose two images that would represent the most important facets of the story, and then go take photos of them. The basic theme of my story was that humans spend too much time worrying about ''greater meaning'', that we're always looking for something more. The byproduct of this is that we miss or ignore what we already have. In a sentence, humans are in constant consternation about ''greater meaning'' rather than being happy with life as we know it. In my illustration, the snake represents humanity. It is twisted in a knot, always looking up at religious symbols which represent the search for ''greater meaning'', with its back turned to the cornucopia, which represents the good things we have. The text that forms the body of the snake represents the manifestations of this human condition.
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