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Stab in the Back: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Sean McLoughlin (2012)

In design we were assigned to take two pictures that told a story. The story has to have both an internal and external conflict. My story was about a boy who hung out with kids that weren't considered ''popular''. He was tired of being looked at as a weird kid. One day he ditched his true friends to try and fit in with the cooler kids, they didn't want to be seen around him so they ditched him. The boys birthday was the next day and his true friends who he ditched were the only people he invited. When the boys birthday party comes up he ends up being left alone, because his real friends ditched him for pay back. My first picture shows four red gummy bears in one hand and four green and one red in the other. The hand to the right shows the red gummy bear being out of place. The hand to the left shows four red gummy bears being excluded from the gummy bears in the hand to the right. Also one of the gummy bears in the hand to the right is red, which shows that it is one of their friends. For the second picture I took a picture of a stuffed animal isolated on the side of the street. To show isolation I locked the bear in a kennel and put it on the side of the road. Also in the picture you can see light on the street behind the kennel. I got this light by putting a slow shutter speed on the camera and having a car drive by slow. The light is not over the stuffed animal in the kennel, instead it is behind it. This is also another way I showed isolation in this picture. It shows the stuffed animal being left out.
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