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Trying: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Yu-Ju Chen (2012)

A girl is very clumsy and is always breaking glasses, dropping plates, tripping over everything. The damage cost a lot in replacements, medicine, and bandages. She feels bad for always being an inconvenience. To make it up, she wants to get a job. A close friend of the family found her a part-time job at a small local diner. The owner agreed to give her a trial run, and if she broke more than he could handle, she would be fired. She tried hard to improve, but she can't change her natural clumsiness. The first picture of the broken jar is to show clumsiness. The jar is broken like it's been broken on accident. The water pouring in and dripping out of the hole shows wasteful and not profitable to continue to stay that way. The second picture is of a glass full of tea shaking and being watched by cameras. The glass represents the girl as she tries to control her motor skills, but it's still very hard to accomplish. The cameras are her boss and possible coworkers that are watching her to make sure she doesn't mess up. The lighting gives a surrounded effect with a dark background showing she is trying to change, but is still conflicted and being pressured which probably is why she can't change that easily.
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