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Enclosed: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Zia Absar (2012)

Amari is an independent woman. She looks very strong, but on the inside she is claustrophobic. Even when she goes into the bathroom, she cannot fully close the door. One day, when she was on her way to work, she got stuck in traffic. She was surrounded by cars. The cars looked like they were closing in on her. She got so scared she got out of the car and started running. Right when she got out of the traffic, she got hit by a car. In my first picture, Amari is shown as a lion because of how strong she looks. The poor lion is stuffed in a box to show how Amari feels because of her claustrophobia. My next picture shows the traffic with shoes. All the shoes represent the different cars, and the lion is out of a shoe because the picture is displaying when Amari gets out of the car and starts running.
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