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Lost: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Caitlin Lewis (2012)

My room is never clean. Socks thrown about and toys piling up. Random knickknacks are thrown about on the windowsill and under my bed. My bed looks like it nearly survived a hurricane and my closet doesn't look much better. Especially on Christmas. Will all those new toys, how am I supposed to keep it clean? So many things are in there, and there is no other place for them to go. This particular Christmas, my father bought me the most wonderful camera. It was so wonderful, and I took as many pictures as I possibly could. And after I used up all the film, my mom promised me she would go to get it printed so I could see all the wonderful pictures I took. But when I went to my room to find the camera, I realized it wasn't there. Not in the pile of clothes, not under the bed, not stuffed in the closet, not on the window. It was nowhere to be found. I lost my lovely camera. My two images tell the story of losing something because of disorganization. The first image, of letters scrambled among the leaves of a tree, show the disorganization of letters among foliage. Some letters aren't there, some are closer, some are farther, some are sideways, some are straight up and down, but all are disorganized. This messy bunch portrays the disorganization of everything. This image leads to the second because of how the scattered letters caused the book to lose its words. The book is empty, the letters lost among the scattered leaves; it's wordless lines obvious in the light of the picture.
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