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Satisfaction: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Alan Enecial (2013)

In my diptych, I used a photo of myself staring at a trophy case and a photo of me looking at posted stats outside the locker room. The two photos are supposed to represent my Narrative essay we wrote in English. In my story, a college football player who always aspired to be better had suffered an injury, preventing him from achieving his dream to win the heisman. The first picture represents my characters disappointment after realizing his chance at the heisman trophy was lost, but in the second picture, it shows my character's relief and self-acknowledgment when he looks over his stats for the whole season. In the end, my character is satisfied with his performance for the season despite the fact that he didn't win the Heisman. The message in my diptych is to be humble. Be satisfied with what you already have and acknowledge all of the little things that occur in your life. In my story, my character was always looking towards the next level and when he wasn't able to reach a goal he had set for himself, he felt that all he had done was pointless. After looking over his stats, my character realizes how great of a season he had and is satisfied with his performance. He is happy with what he has already done and is no longer disappointed in what he wasn't able to accomplish.
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