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Unexpected: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Collin Frietzsche (2013)

For this assignment in Design, we had the option of depicting the conflict, climax, and/or resolution of our Flash Fictions that we created in English. I decided to use the conflict as the image on the left and the resolution, as the image on the left. I decided to take each photo in the same place, but on different days and in different lighting to give the impression of passage of time. Because the image on the left was of ''conflict'' it was depicting sorrow, and therefore I decided the image would have a darker feeling with less light on the background and on the subject. The image on the right is brighter and the subjects are in focus with high visibility. Using the rule of thirds, I framed each subject using contrast of colors and natural objects in the scene. By replacing the empty dog cage in the back with the subjects, I was able to portray how the subject became happy with his new companion.
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