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To open or not to open: A Junior Narrative Diptych by David Smith (2013)

This diptych is representing both the conflict and the resolution in my graphic novel. The conflict is when the wife of Rick has to decide whether or not to open the door for the strange man asking to use the phone. She trusts her instincts and keeps him from coming in, even though he insists he must just use the phone. The picture is my friend acting as the creeper wanting to come in. The following picture is the resolution of the story, which is when they read the paper and find out that she almost let a killer into the house. I used my friend again in this scene, and I had him read a newspaper that said attempted murder on it. Making this diptych was not too challenging, and actually turned out really well. I made the canvas size of one of the photos bigger then just dragged the second photo onto the canvas. I then made them equal sizes. During the actual photo shoot, I took many different types of photos in lots of different lighting. For the first one, it ended up looking the best when the inside was lit up, so that it looked dark outside through the crack. In the second photo, I played around with the focus until it was focused on him, and made the newspaper in the back readable but out of focus.
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