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Opening the Door: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Drew Russert (2013)

My narrative is about a young man who tries to find the confidence to try to talk to a girl who he admires heavily. However, there are so many obstacles that come in the way from him getting to her. The left picture shows the obstacle that he tries to get passed to go to her. The door represents the blockade he must overcome, and the hand reaching down to the door knob shows that he is attempting to overcome the challenge. The right picture shows his success in getting to her, however, we are still left with several questions. How will she react? Does he still have the confidence to finish what he started? Will this end on a good note? Simply put, we don't know the answer; all we know is that the young man found the will to approach her from the start. For the left picture, I got my twin brother, Skyler, to hold the door knob and open it slightly. I had challenges trying to represent the door as a barrier, so I had my brother open it, and I took the picture from the side so that it captured both outdoors and indoors. The right picture shows two friends of mine, one of which is holding the shoulder of the other. I had to get a shot that didn't capture the emotions so that the audience wonders what they are. I was able to combine both these pictures and tell the story through adobe photoshop. The diptych features in adobe photoshop allowed me to successfully explain the message of the pictures when combined together.
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