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Chester MacEntire: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Elizabeth Halliday (2013)

In my narrative diptych, I am portraying Chester's yearn to perform magic, his struggles in finding the support to do so, and his fun way of proving the principal wrong by hypnotizing him. In the story, Chester is a young, aspiring magician and hypnotist who is constantly performing, but for an empty audience; the people who surround him, and especially his principal, do not support his 'choice' to love magic. This is represented by the first photo, with Chester all set up to do a show that no one showed up to. I wanted a blue tone to show the loneliness and sadness that Chester feels when no one bothers to show they care for him and his passion. I also placed the pocket watch on the third, to foreshadow that it is a central part of the upcoming story. In the second photo, I am portraying the climax of the story, or when Chester decides to hypnotise the principal... and he ends up succeeding! For this photo, I gave it a red tone, not only to contrast with the blue tone of the first photo, but to also show the magic that is occurring at that moment. I also, once again, put the pocket watch on the rule of thirds, to show that ultimately the magic won in the end.
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