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Narrative Diptych: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Elizabeth Miotke (2013)

My diptych shows a conflict on the left side and a solution on the right side. On the left, Jessica is all alone, studying in the library. She meets someone and they start stu vdying together which later turns to friendship. The right photo was hard to shoot because there were people behind the shot that I had to make sure weren't in the frame. I ended up having to crop them out anyways. It was also hard getting my actors to stop laughing and get them focused on the role. I used the rule of thirds for each photo, placing them on either the left or right side. I edited the photos by changing contrast, brightness, saturation and adding a cooling filter. The colors in the library were pretty bland so I had to find a way to make the colors stand out, especially in the second photo, since it was a happy ending.
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