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Homebound: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Emily Markman (2013)

For my Photonarrative, I borrowed one of the cameras provided at freestyle to capture the reality of my character from my graphic novel, named Don. Don is a man in who wants to be reconnected with his family, so every year, he makes a trip to visit them, only to be greeted each year with annoyance. In these photos, I wanted to capture him making the trip. I had my model dress up nicely and carrying a suitcase, leaving his house, looking rather determined.. In the next photo, we see Don worn out from travel and sitting on the doorstep of another house. He doesn't look too happy, and the house looks dark for the most part, and there is a cross in the window. In order to make these two photos work together, I went into photoshop and edited the colors. The right photo is more bright, has more color, and life. I achieved this editing it with a warmer filter. You can tell it's around Thanksgiving time thanks to the decorations on the door. The house in the photo is my own, and our door is painted red. I went in and made it a bit more red to give contrast to my next photo, where my model for Don is sitting. That door is darker blue, with a stark white frame around it. My model also looks worn out from traveling, and is sitting on the doorstep looking down, and a bit defeated. I wanted him to look this way because that's what Don is. He's finally realized his family has moved on without him, and in some ways, this is represented by the dark interior of that house, plus the cross in the window. I edited this photo by putting in a cooler filter to give the picture a more gloomy effect, and to contrast better with the first photo.
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